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Yoga Undone-Yoga simply for the ecstasy of it. - The beats and breath will lead the way. Our bodies will follow. "Yoga Undone": We are never really "done". In this practice, we are not going for purity, perfection, stillness or even necessarily balance... though you might experience some of these as an after-effect of having enjoyed being embodied through messy movement, artistic expression and community connection. Here we have permission to feel and move and learn and evolve: all through the support of community, music and breath. We will move in circle as we cultivate somatic awareness of both ourselves and each other. - If you want to stay later, hang out at Ish's Elixir Bar at 7:30pm and participate in the Ride the Dragon Dance to follow. Free for Integral Center members or $12 drop-in. Additional donations welcome to pay for dj. No credit cards please. Price includes the dance.